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We don't enjoy good observing conditions here in Prestwick, Scotland, so pursuing the practical side of astronomy here is usually a rare and cold experience. I am not that intersted in looking at stars and navigating around the constellations, for there is little excitement for me in doing that with backyard type equipment. If I had the facilities, my efforts in respect to astronomy would be put into deep space photography for sure. I have no equipment for this at present, but I hope to gather some as I get nearer to retirement (maybe I'll need to move house as well

I'll leave this page for when I get something to show off, but for now, I'll put my efforts into the other aspect of the heavens which is far more important to me, that of wondering how it all works! Have a look through my 'Cosmology' pages.


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QTH - Prestwick Scotland
Latitude 55deg, 30min, 9sec, North and Londitude 4deg, 36min, 51sec West
NatGridRef. NS 349 262 / Locator IO75QM / WAB Square NS32 / QRA Locator XP37F / Lat Dec 55.29 Long Dec -4.36