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This is the subject area that has taken up most of my time over the past years, and I intend to expand on it here.

I spent many years believing in, learning about, and following 'The Standard Model,' but what I had achieved in that respect was fundamentally challenged when I came across in early 2010, a theory that I had previously not heard about, that of 'The Electric Universe.'

Since experiencing this revalation, I have become something of a sponge looking to absorb more and more about the theories that underpin this new paradigm. One thing in particular I have done, is to create a PowerPoint presentation for delivery to our local amateur radio club, the Ayr Amateur Radio Group. The presentation, which can be downloaded here, (right click and choose 'Save As' or 'Save Target As') is put together in a way to suit my own requirements, so it is not a standard PowerPoint presentation, for it has a number of hyperlinks within it that might confuse first time reviewers as to the flow of the overall story. The key is in the hyperlinks, for it is intended that anyone going through the presentation should follow each hyperlink as it appears, then return to where they were when they see the prompt to do so. As I said, I did it this way for myself. The file is around 70Mb in size.

The presentation file is in 'Flash' format, so if you need the Flash player click here.

Here are some books, videos and web links that will take you to some excellent material about The Electric Universe:

  1. Books:

    “The Electric Sky” by Don E Scott
    “The Electric Universe” by David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill

  2. Both available from:
  1. Videos:
    (video of Don Scott at a NASA conference)

    (video of ‘The Thunderbolts of the Gods’ – highly recommended as an introduction)

  1. Web Links:

UK organisation:  The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies  (The above books are available from here)



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