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I need to spend time on my website - a bad excuse I know, but please bear with me.


Welcome to Tom's website

I obtained my amateur radio license in 1972 and have investigated various aspects of the hobby over the intervening years till now.

I am a member of the local radio club, the ( Ayr Amateur Radio Group ) Our club is very active in the community, and we put a lot of effort into our own projects and self-education, along with encouraging new members of all ages to join the club, and promoting the hobby in general.

My main areas of interest in amateur radio have historically centred around data modes in some form or other. I am very rarely on HF phone, but I do chip in on the local VHF nets on occasion.

I have developed a keen interest in all things to do wth Astronomy and Cosmology over a number of years. My personal focus here is not on honing the skills associated with identifying constellations and stars, for I find that boring. My real interest is with the bigger questions about our Universe - the physics of the cosmos, and how it REALLY works. I also have a hand in electronics construction, weather satellite monitoring and computers in general.

I needed a place to organise and record my thoughts and activities, so I created this web site for that purpose. I hope anyone looking at it finds something of interest, and possibly even some things to encourage their own fun activities.


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QTH - Prestwick Scotland
Latitude 55deg, 30min, 9sec, North and Londitude 4deg, 36min, 51sec West
NatGridRef. NS 349 262 / Locator IO75QM / WAB Square NS32 / QRA Locator XP37F / Lat Dec 55.29 Long Dec -4.36