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I seemed to start at an early age being interested in very earthly things. This began with a curiosity for anything technical, which by the age of 4 had grown into a dangerous interest in electricity. I vividly remember my Mother's look of horror as I tried to test my first electric toothbrush. I had gotten hold of a normal toothbrush (you remember the ones that had a hole in the end to hook on to something or to tie a string through.) I had threaded a length of fuse wire through the hole, twisting it to secure it and leaving the rest of it dangling with no hint of insulation. I had then proceeded to crawl under the living room table where I was found (by Mum) trying to poke the bare fusewire into the 240v mains socket. I may have tried to claim it was a revolutionary idea at the time!

Since those days, I have 'developed' through the hobbies of Electronic construction, into amateur radio, slow scan television, then into weather satellite monitoring, and eventually now into astronomy and cosmology.

My working life has always been hands-on, trying to be of help, but it all really started with an apprenticeship repairing the bodywork of double decker busses. This quickly changed when I took another direction as an electrical engineering apprenticeship with the National Coal Board (pre Maggie,) then went on through being a volunteer teacher in Africa for a year. After that, I went to work within the computer industry with the American company DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) in Scotland. That ended in 1992 when I went self employed as NaT Systems, providing IT services and training to small businesses in Ayrshire. Recently I have been heavily involved in a very exciting software product development project that still remains under wraps, but when the product is released, there is a great expectation that it will profoundly affect what many of us do on the Internet and how we use our personal data.



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