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This was an activity that started for me way back in 1972 when I first got my amateur radio license. Again, my old buddy Jack Wilson GM3KJF got me going with slow scan television, and it all ended up at that time with me building from scratch, one of the first Spacemark monitors in Scotland. I considerd this quite an achievement at the time, especially since I did it all on my bedroom floor with the assistance of very old and pretty basic test equipment. I remember quite clearly the first image I received from the US, it was faint but discernible, and I immediately had to show it to everyone! This was all done with using a long persistence green phosphor CRT giving of course a green mono display; wonderful.

Things have moved on since then and because I've been away from it for such a long time, I am finding it an interesting challenge to catch up with what's happening on the SSTV scene. The advances that have been made are very interesting and I find that coming to terms with using new techniques integrated with PCs that run fantastic SSTV software, is a really rewarding experience. Again, work-in-progress, and all in good time!

Some examples of what I've been receiving can be seen by clicking here.


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