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Slow Scan Television images

DC4KT in Germany calling HA3IF in Hungary


OK1TV in the Czech Rep. and I5UIN in Italy


DB4MAX in Germany calling MW3AYA in the UK


I5HEY in Italy calling CQ


RK3DKL in Russia calling CQ


I0VHL in Italy calling CQ


I0VHL in Italy calling
UA1AAG in Russia


Italian station calling
ES4BG in Estonia


PA0EHA in the Netherlands and IK2UCW in Italy



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QTH - Prestwick Scotland
Latitude 55deg, 30min, 9sec, North and Londitude 4deg, 36min, 51sec West
NatGridRef. NS 349 262 / Locator IO75QM / WAB Square NS32 / QRA Locator XP37F / Lat Dec 55.29 Long Dec -4.36