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The Business
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The NaT Systems business was formed in 1992 by Thomas Findlay as a 'sole proprietor business.' The status of the business was changed in 2002, when NaT Systems became a partnership between Thomas and his wife Nora, who provides administrative and communications support to the business.

Most client work has taken place within South West Scotland, and with some project involvements in the Czech Republic.

Besides ICT and e-business experience, NaT Systems has resources available that can address, web site and web applications development, creative business graphic and business identity work, and Czech language translation services.

Additionally, and to address the trends within the IT services that many small businesses are experiencing these days, NaT Systems provides an advice and support service to those small businesses that are looking to change their ISP and/or set up home-working facilities for their staff.

NaT Systems itself provides off-site office services for most office-bound activities, such as; word-processing, spreadsheet development, presentation development, graphics and video conversion/ retouching and publishing, and ad-hoc user support.

The business operation is supported by a secure LAN with its own hardware firewall and secure server.