The Business
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ICT strategy and implementation planning
Understanding the client's business and leading them through the maze of technical and operational options, making sure that thay are able to make their own decisions. This includes both Microsoft and Open Source solutions.

Internet communications and e-business planning
Guiding clients to use the Internet at a basic or e-business trading level to bring greater efficiencies and higher profits through good use of e-business practices.

Technical audits and reporting
Inspecting and reporting on the ICT resources that a business or organisation has, or thinks it has, in preparation for ICT planning and development projects.

Client technical support programs
Post project or ad-hoc technical and office application support for systems and users, to ease the introduction of new services, networks, hardware and software applications.

PC and Internet applications development
We can develop, set up and manage small, affordable, non-e-commerce websites. Also, where a solution is not readily available through standard software packages, we can help analyse, define and create, tailored PC or Internet based applications.

PC and Internet applications training packages
We have programs that support computer and Internet skills development needs of staff at all levels.

Changing your ISP and Remote Working
We can advise and carry out the work involved in changing ISP and for defining the needs of staff who wish to work remotely from home. This includes all hardware, software, Internet, and post-project support aspects of the work.